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Born from an adulterous relationship, I was given away at the age of three - to the man that was least qualified - my mother's ex-husband; he being the victim of her adultery, and the man that hated the trophy of their relationship that had destroyed his life.

For the next five years, he poured the hate and hurt in him into the little lab rat in his tiny apartment. Everything I did or say was mocked and cursed, until my view of myself and the world was filled with demonic thoughts and suicidal answers.

From that platform, I was left in the foster system until my mom returned from Hong Kong (another story) and regained custody of me. But the damage had been done, and from the seed of hurt, bitterness and fear came the flower of drug addiction, heavy metal and more suicidal tendencies.

But God - He had been there all along, from the church services at the age of two, and into my spirit was the knowledge of His love and sacrifice for me - but where to go from the bottom?

"I Must be Born Again" was published in 2020, as I opened up a big can of redemption that is still being told.

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