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Set-up your Thinkorswim 💥 and Webull

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Those who are trading with "Thinkorswim" please follow these settings to get the proper view on your desktop. 

To set-up the tickers,

1. Look at the right corner, Click on Studies

2. Select Edit Studies

A new window will pop-up,

Search the tickers one by one from the Left search bar Add these tickers, (No need to modify the tickers settings) - keep them default

(unless you are a pro)

Listed tickers

  1. VWAP

  2. SimpleMovingAvg

  3. AccelerationBands

  4. MCAD

  5. RSI

  6. Vol Indicator (any)

To set the screen diagram,

For the timeframe,

For the Webull user

Listed tickers

  1. BOLL

  2. VWAP

  3. VOL

  4. MACD

  5. RSI (10,9,50)

  6. AROON

Edit the RSI (10,9,50)

N/B: You can use the same tickers on FIDELITY & IBKR

You are good to go, 🥳🚀💵🤑